Organizations to visit 

Tallinn Konstantin Päts Open Air School

The oldest Estonian school-sanatorium was established by the Main Administration of the Estonian Red Cross with the support of President Konstantin Päts. For the school garden Konstantin Päts donated 2.5 ha of his own land.  Now school is run by Ministry of Education and Research for students with special educational needs (autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, behavioral disorders). Hospital teachers work in Tallinn and Pärnu is run by K. Päts Open Air School. 

Children´s mental health centre

The centre provides services for children and youth struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol and narcotics through a contemporary and integrated approach. The children staying at the centre have access to classrooms so they can continue their education during their treatments, as well as a gym so they can stay physically active. Comprehensive counselling services for the children as well as their parents and other individuals involved in their lives form the cornerstone of the centre’s programme.

Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

 Astangu is a one-of-a-kind center in Estonia, providing rehabilitation services and various courses to working age people with special needs.  Team aims to prepare our clients for work through developing clients’ skills and work abilities. Astangu work is based on the specific capacities and needs of each individual with whom we work.Mission is to provide people with special needs with opportunities to develop their operational and work abilities and support them on their way to the labor market.

Children's house

Children’s House model is a child-friendly and multi-disciplinary service that is provided in order to help sexually abused children or children suspected of being sexually abused. Different specialists, such as child protection officials, the police, prosecutors, psychologists and many others work together to ensure the welfare of children. The team assesses the child’s health, social situation and need for further assistance, carries out investigative operations necessary to resolve the case and offers the child the helps he or she needs. 

Support Center Juks

Support Center Juks is an organisation of Tallinn Government, working under Social Welfare and Health Care Department of Tallinn. Support Center Juks provides social services for intellectually disabled people. Organisation´s aim is to support people with special needs to cope maximally in everyday life, in vocational trainings and in working life. Servises is for Tallinn citizens who are at least 16 years old. 

Mektory centre

A tour of Mektory takes you across three floors of start-ups, laboratories and hi-tech showrooms. The Samsung Digital Academy room demonstrates the possibilities of an interactive classroom with tablet computers. Mobile Services and Media lab allows to get acquainted with innovative Eye Tracker technology. In the Playful Learning lab kids and adults alike can discover the endless fun learning possibilities of LEGO. You will also get a peek inside our laboratories for electronics, wood and metalworking, as well as meet some of our talented local start-ups. 

Käo Basic School

Käo Basic School is a private school for students who have special educational needs and a recommendation by the Advisory Committee to study by simplified national curriculum. All activities are based on individual study plan. School provides children an opportunity to study while receiving rehabilitation during the school day. Teaching is based on the principles of the comprehensive education. Equivalent in the treatment of people with disabilities is very important for all the workers. School is free of charge for all students.